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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Blogger Redecorates John Bolton's Office

I previously blogged Josh of One Free Korea meeting with Ambassador :

Josh on far-left

During his trip, he presented him with a plaque

Several days before the trip, I suggested that we should present Ambassador Bolton with a plaque to thank him for his blunt words about North Korea, as well as his efforts to make human rights an element of U.S. policy toward the North. I designed the plaque with one photograph, which you see here . . .

Half-Slave, Half-Free

. . . and Lincoln's "half slave, half free" quote. When I presented it to him, I stated that we shared his appreciation that some issues really are black and white. I told Amb. Bolton, not quite half-jokingly, that I hoped he would put it where the Chinese Ambassador would see it. I won’t print his response, however; I’m not sure he’d want me to.

Over at Josh's discussion thread, one of Bolton's staffer's announced that the plaque is now prominently displayed in Ambassador Bolton's office!


I am the staffer who had the pleasure of meeting with you and your colleagues in New York a few days ago. While I will steer clear of the debates in this thread, I would like to confirm that the plaque you presented him with is now on display directly outside of his door.



Congratulations Joshua!

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Friday, November 18, 2005

John Bolton meets with One Free Korea

" OFK, N. Korean Freedom Coalition Meet with Ambassador John Bolton," by Joshua, One Free Korea, 17 November 2005, http://freekorea.blogspot.com/2005/11/ofk-n-korean-freedom-coalition-meet_17.html.

Fellow South Dakotan Josh of One Free Korea recently nabbed an interview with Permanent United States Representative to the United Nations Ambassador John Bolton.

Our agenda was the horrific state of human rights in North Korea, a situation that I believe to be the worst on earth today, and perhaps as bad as any we have seen since the demise of the Khmer Rouge. Such comparisons inevitably invite questions about the metrics of human misery, but I’m prepared to defend my position. I begin with the butcher’s bill: during the 1990’s, approximately two million North Koreans starved to death in a famine that was easily preventable at best, and intentionally inflicted at worst. One could point to a wealth of circumstantial evidence from international aid groups and refugees proving that the regime uses food as a weapon of class warfare, but conclusive evidence may have to wait for the fall of the regime. And then, of course, one can discuss the concentration camps, public executions, infanticides, and the constant, stultifying repression anchored in a complete isolation from the outside world.

Two Koreas, Half-Free

Of those facts, Ambassador Bolton is well aware. Our agenda was to discuss ways to translate those facts into concrete, effective, and nonviolent action. Clearly, our movement is growing and gaining traction, even in some unlikely places, but the progress is never fast enough for the lives we could be too late to save. Every last member of our delegation is opposed to invading or attacking North Korea. I suspect the same also goes for Ambassador Bolton. We were seeking what Rabbi of the calls “behavior modification.”

Read the whole thing

My view? Kill Kim.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

New John Bolton Scandal Emerges

"Bolton Roid Rage: Did Canseco Inject Nominee?," by Scott Ott, ScrappleFace, 22 April 2005, (from One Free Korea).

A funny.

Republican members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee revealed today that they have stalled the confirmation of John Bolton as U.N. Ambassador to investigate claims by Jose Canseco that the former Major League Baseball slugger had injected Mr. Bolton with steroids on several occasions.

If Mr. Canseco's allegations prove true, it would help to explain Mr. Bolton's oft-reported bouts of rage, and perhaps engender sympathy from Senators who would see his anger as a medical issue rather than a personality defect.

In addition, it would provide Congress with another welcome opportunity to engage in America's national legislative pastime, which is probing steroid abuse.

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