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Monday, May 07, 2007

Amazing Race All-Stars

Lady of tdaxp and I watched the finale to the show's eleventh season. Very fun... our favorite team came in second, and the winning team certainly seemed nice. We can't wait for Amazing Race 12. PS: You'll note that I link to the answers.com entry to Amazing Race. Wikipedia is censored in China, so I'm forced to rely on older mirrors like answers for all my trivia now. Anyone know a better wiki mirror than Answers?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

An Odd Dream

I dreamt I was on a game show similar to the Amazing Race. We were in the United States, in a small town that seemed very familiar. I thought I knew the name of the town in the dream, but now that I am awake I cannot place it.

We needed a ride to someplace in the country, but we did not have our own transportation and it looked hard to arrange it. Somehow we spied my grandfather there, and the task ended up having nothing to do with in the countryside. My grandfather could either redecorate a a building to look like a schoolhouse/courtroom (I knew the task's name in the dream, but can't remember it know. Something like "Legal Eagle" or something), or else my grandfather could do another task across the street at the whitewashed firehall. My grandpa started walking at an angle across the state, but I saw that it was hard for him to walk so encouraged him to do the task that was nearer.

The room was dark as he started working, but as it continued the room became well lit.

He went to work, and we were about done before the other team arrived. I went across the room to a stage/closet (I can't remember if it changed in the dream or I merely walked from one to the other) to airbrush some paint. We were done, and I say my aunt and her granddaughter (my cousin). My cousin and I recited the Hail Mary (the only words of the whole dream I remember, and which was odd as neither are Catholic). We were asked to stay for dinner, but we responded that we had to continue with the race.