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Wednesday, December 05, 20071196859000


Shlok penned a took exception to one of my posts. Below, he says why.

Always good to get criticism with an explanation. It tells you the difference between what you want to get across and the reactions you actually generate. Very useful.

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I don't think Shlok was making a hit on you, but rather the concept of imperial colonialism. And perhaps his cryptic brevity is explained by how he succumbed to the elements shortly after his "Yuck" post (q.v., "Ugh" on Dec 2nd).

Of course, this doesn't explain the "irrelevant" tag.... (unless he was channeling some of that Naxalite Rage into shloky.com).

Posted by: shane | Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Shane nails most of it. In short: a visceral reaction to the idea of - irrelevant - Empires as Sysadmin.

Logic: My family would have been denied upward mobility for as long as her Her Majesty's empire continued. The village is nice and farming has to be a satisfying lifestyle, but I like my iPod.

Anyway, I just didn't really feel like getting into all that. Face is on fire and have a lot of deadlines in rapid succession. My bad.

Posted by: Shlok | Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The availability of legitimate forms of upward mobility is a good proxy for the developmental state of a country... to the extent that a colonial power provides more of it than local regimes, good. To the extent it doesn't, bad.

Posted by: Dan tdaxp | Thursday, December 06, 2007