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Sunday, December 02, 20071196609119

The first rule of Dozier Internet Law is - you do not talk about Dozier Internet Law

This is old, but hilarious. I didn't realize that Dozier Internet Law's browserwrap license actually prohibited people from mentioning Dozier Internet Law:

Dozier Internet Law, P.C. has a lot of intellectual property on our site. For instance, we are the creators of all of the text on this website, and own the "look and feel" of this website. We also own all of the code, including the HTML code, and all content. As you may know, you can view the HTML code with a standard browser. We do not permit you to view such code since we consider it to be our intellectual property protected by the copyright laws. You are therefore not authorized to do so. In addition, you should not make any copies of any part of this website in any way since we do not want anyone copying us. We also do not allow any links to our site without our express permission, except that you must maintain the link in our Copyright Infringement Warning Button as it is designed. The name "Dozier Internet Law, P.C.", and similar derivatives of it, constitute our trademark and servicemark, and should not be used in any manner without our permission.

I guess Dozier isn't a fan of Dozier Internet Law Sucks or Dozier Internet Lawsuits, then!


You can't stop someone through any legal means from linking to your site. That's too funny. Are these folk real lawyers? Where did they get their degrees? Correspondence school? No, wait, that's an insult to correspondence schools.

Posted by: David Hallowell | Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hey at least we can all agree they don't have so much as a stump to stand upon, right?

Posted by: Runningflame570 | Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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