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Friday, October 26, 20071193439100

Our lawyer! Again!

A letter from our lawyer arrived today.

Careful readers will notice that, in spite of naming this lawyer previously, I am not using his name, or his law office's name.

Anyway, yesterday our lawyer admitted sitting on our case and told us that are case was not a priority. As by that point he told us that he was drafting a letter to us about the status of our case, I asked him to include those points as addenda. His reaction was about what you expected, but he said he would.

Our lawyer's tone swung from apologetic to beligerent, at one point offering to wave the fee had had charged us for the late work (I declined) and at anohter asking for a letter from us expressing our desire to keep working with him (clearly, he graduated from CYA).

So we receive his letter today, including none of the points he promised to include, but implying that we noted the late service because of a desire not to pay the bill for the late work. (?!?)

There's more to this story. Franky, I'm worried about retaliation at this point, so I'm writing this in a way that makes it unlikely he would accidentally stumble across this post. Once we're out of the woods I'll post more, and of course write to the bar of his many specific violations of the state's ethics rules.

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