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Friday, October 19, 20071192795500

Dozier Internet Law: A Vector for Viruses?

Dozier Internet Law (a firm that engages in strategic lawsuits against public participation -- see case studies on Cuppy's Coffee, DirectBuy, and Inventor-Link) is attempting to prevent users from examining code that Dozier executes on their machines. Whatithink examines that code, and finds something frightening:

It gets better! Oh does it get better. The site was built using a program called Zope. Whoever built the Dozier Internet Law website left a whole lot of stuff turned on that they should not have - including the ability for anyone to upload files to the site. Of course, the Internet being the Internet, a whole lot of stuff has ended up on the Dozier Internet Law website that shouldn’t be there, including copyrighted works. So now Dozier Internet Law are breaking copyright law by making these copyright works available for download.

Whatithink focuses on Dozier's making available copyrighted works. But as I wrote in the comments:

I'm more worired about the potential for Dozier's website to become a tangent in the spread of viruses. Critics of Dozier have had their machines mysetriously infected. Whether hacking machines is considered ethical by Dozier or not, or whether they do it or not, the fact that Dozier's website is so "hack-friendly" makes me reticent about visiting it in the future

Whatithink also gives a screenshot of his HTML debugging program, showing how he found various warnings and critical errors generated by Dozier's descriptive web code.

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Posted by: Sean Meade | Friday, October 19, 2007

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