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Monday, October 15, 20071192459873

Publicity, Dozier Internet Law, and DirectBuy's choice of super-lawyer

Another day, another round of Dozier Internet Law links. (As always, check out the preliminary case study for background.)

Simple Justice's "Practical Blawgosphere: The Dozier Demand Scam" is a must read. Joining many other lawyers (Greg Beck, Andrew Bluestone, William Patry, Eric Turkewitz etc.), SJ's Scott Greenfield sees through Dozier's poor arguments:

But Dozier added a new twist that elevated him to new heights of blawgosphere ridicule. He claimed that his cease and desist letter was itself copyrighted, and therefore directed Public Citizen not to publish the letter itself on the internet. So naturally, that's exactly what they did.

Greenfield also addresses the question of whether their mangling of the DirectBuy case is scheme to gain attention at the expense of a client.

The scuttlebutt around the blawgosphere is whether this is a cynical attempt to get the Dozier name out there amongst the blawgs to up their google page rank and get this firm on the radar of people who would otherwise never have heard of it. If so, then Dozier deserved more credit than he's given. But this motive has been met with skepticism since Dozier has been universally viewed as a jerk, and worse yet, a jerk whose actions have hurt his client by alerting as many people as possible to the allegations of scam and discontent.

The subject of publicity brings up a mistake by me... To announce the launch of Dozier Internet Lawsuits, I added it as breaking news over at Jim River Report. Unfortunately the news, which ran yesterday and today... 404'd! Because I transposed the link and title of the story, the "http://dozierinternetlawsuits.blogspirit.com/" appeared as the text and "dozier internet law" functioned as the URL.

I salved this by creating a new page in that location, Jim River Report: Your Window to Dozier Internet Law. I use it to save for posterity the google search results for Dozier Internet Law as of this morning. The result? 18 of the top 25 results are negative.

If this was John "Super Lawyer" Dozier's plan: congrats!


I guess that this incident you talk about here proves that the copyright law should have some limits put in place so creative lawyers aren't able to bend the law according to someone's interests.

Posted by: Probate Tucson | Monday, May 02, 2011

The copyright law that some corporations are struggling to enforce today is a joke because it comes in contradiction with the Constitution and freedom of choice. So even if such a law would pass, lawsuits would follow.

Posted by: Bankruptcy Attorney Columbus Ohio | Monday, May 16, 2011