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Tuesday, October 02, 20071191331800

Hidden Unities on the Burmese Crackdown

It's rare that every post on a blog's front page is worth reading. But Eddie of Hidden Unities has done it!

The Burma of 2007 is something like the Central Asia of the 19th century: a mixture of direct and indirect colonization by an outside power. While Shan State, Burma, is under effective Chinese control, the rest of Myanmar is a client-state whose ticket to survival is the good wishes of Beijing.

China gains from having Burma as an ally -- especially when Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and India are so suspicious of China's rise -- but would benefit more from a Burma that would economically reform. A backwater that is only good at ticking off the world is not in Beijing's interest.

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(Speechless!) Thank you for the praise Dan!

Excellent point you have made. I agree that a Burma with a relatively open economy would be a good thing for most parties, certainly for the people who might have a chance at something more than barely sustaining minimum nourishment.....

Posted by: Eddie | Tuesday, October 02, 2007