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Friday, August 24, 20071187970900

The End of Private Insurance

Remember my praise of Rudy Giuliani's federally-based health care plan, especially in contrast to John Edwards and Barack Obama's backwords company-centered plan?

Giuliani is not just on the side of the angels, he's on the side of history. At it becomes cheaper and cheaper to sequence a person's genome, we will either face a situation where insurance companies only provide insurance to people they know will be healthy or, atlernatively, only people who believe they will be sick will buy insurance. (In other words, just like now, or worse.)

The solution, however it comes, will have to be risk-pooling at a national level. Giualini's plan starts us down that road. Edwards and Obama, by contrast, offer only a tired repeat of the old industrial state.


Are they tired old repeats, or just an attempt at being cautious (remembering, perhaps, the spanking Hillary got in the early 90s)?

On another topic, how long do you suppose it'll be before they have to start limiting access to genetic information in the same way (hopefully more stringently) that they currently limit access to credit information?

Posted by: Michael | Friday, August 24, 2007

"Are they tired old repeats, or just an attempt at being cautious (remembering, perhaps, the spanking Hillary got in the early 90s)?"


Many people suspect that corporations are able to print money, and assume that employer-provided healthcare is somehow cheaper for them than socially provided healthcare. Hence the cautiousness.

The backwardness should go without saying. Further warping the employment -- to say nothing of the health care -- market away from maneuverability is perhaps the only way the current system could be made worse.

Posted by: Dan tdaxp | Saturday, August 25, 2007

When it comes to health insurance, the best approach is to offer universal health insurance covered by the state itself based on a small percentage tax out of the paycheck. European countries have that. Why not the US as well?

Posted by: Landlords Insurance | Monday, March 14, 2011

My opinion is that universal insurance is better than private insurance because universal insurance is guided through the government. Imagine that an insurance company goes bankrupt and can't pay people back the money from people. What do you do then?

Posted by: home insurance | Monday, March 28, 2011