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Saturday, June 23, 20071182641185

Use Vixy.net to convert YouTube Videos to MP3

One of the best things about YouTube are how works of art -- which otherwise would languish on their creator's computer or never be made at all -- become viral on the net. Rx's "Freedom 101" (previously featured here and by Mountainrunner, Sean, and ZenPundit), for instance, is an amazing mashup of ideology, freedom, and principle. However, the artist himself is busy running for President) and hasn't provided an mp3 on his web site. So how to listen to it on my iPod Mini 8GB?

Answer: vixy.net.

Vixy is also an open source project that converts youtube's flac format to standard ones. Until google implements a "Save As" feature for YouTube, vixy's website offers a free, fast translator supported by ad-revenue. I recommend it.

I also tried vixy on LOST breakbeat and Reggae Soviet Anthem. Both worked fine. Thanks vixy!

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