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Friday, May 25, 20071180101558

By proxy?!?

Finally, I got him.

Of the many crimes which will be made capital offenses once I have absolute power, line-jumping is the most notable in China. While probably half of Chinese form lines, a rotten 50% simply do not respect the device in the subways or trains. This has to stop.

And finally, I got him.

For once, there was only one line-jumper. And for once, everyone else had queued up politely. We walked onto the Line 13 train at Xizhimen. I waited for the train to start and the announcements to stop. I walked over, and gave my epic speech.

Now, he did not speak English. Nor did his quite attractive Lady friend. However, I felt vindicated, and I proceeded to speak with Lady of tdaxp, pointing to the jerk for effect and emphasizing his uniquely vile nature.

Lady of jerk and Lady of tdaxp then had the following short conversation:

Lady of jerk: Is your boyfriend annoyed by something?
Lady of tdaxp: Yes, your boyfriend cut in line.
Lady of jerk: Oh, I'm sorry for that.

What nonsense is this?? An apology by proxy?? Did the Emperor of Manchuko apologize to the Canadian ambassador for the events of December 7th, 1941? No! Did the Hasemite King of Jordan deeply regret the recent Iraqi incursion into Kuwait after it has passed? No!

In the good old fashioned days such injustices developed into world-changing fights, as they should have. But instead of a translingual battle of rhetorical whits, I get what??? an apology by proxy?

Absurd. Dispatch the troops!


Ha! Nice George Costanza-like moment.

Posted by: Michael | Friday, May 25, 2007

"No man has truly lived until he's embraced his inner Costanza."

Or, perhaps more poetically:

"No man
is a man
who is not a man
as George is a man"

Posted by: Dan tdaxp | Saturday, May 26, 2007

cutting makes me violently angry
which i, of course,
keep bottled up inside

Posted by: Sean | Saturday, May 26, 2007