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Thursday, May 03, 20071178251861

Moving On

Tomorrow morning I check out of the graduate dorm that's been my residence since August, 2005. This is the last night I will be sleeping in a dormitory, as next year I will have an apartment.

Unlike most other students I know, I never particularly minded university housing. All utilities are paid, there's maintenance folks around, and the residence bureaucrats tend not to be too annoying.

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Barracks for bookworms, though probably less crowded and no one coming 'round to tell you the clothes in your closet were not properly ironed. ;-)

Posted by: Michael | Friday, May 04, 2007

What now, young Jedi?

Posted by: Jay@Soob | Friday, May 04, 2007

Michael: "Barracks for bookworms"... I like it!

Jay: Stay tuned!

Posted by: Dan tdaxp | Saturday, May 05, 2007