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Tuesday, April 03, 20071175649900

One last reason to despise the former Republican Congress

The last Republican Congress -- officially known as the One Hundred Ninth United States Congress -- was a disasterous embarrassment that fully deserved its divine obliteration.

As if criminalizing horse-steak was not bad enough, the so-called conservatives decided to bend time itself to the government's will. Except for a few misled libertarians, few were happy with this arbitrary and capricious, not to mention pointless, exercise of legislative power. And pointless. Did I say pointless?:

Results from energy companies are coming in, and the word is that moving Daylight Saving Time forward three weeks had no measurable impact on power consumption. The attempt by the US Congress to make it look like they were doing something about the energy crisis has been exposed as the waste it is."

I regret that Pelosi became speaker. And not at all sorry that Hastert lost the job.



This is news to you? The only reason DST survived WW1 was that New York financiers wanted to preserve the overlap of London and NY markets for the purpose of arbitrage. They bought the mayor, and all other major US cities had to play along to preserve their NYC market overlap. Politicians routinely do stupid things. It's up to us to police their feckless actions.


Posted by: Mike | Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Not only did the DST change not save energy, it was a net loss via the unneeded/non-value IT work that organizations had to do.

Posted by: PurpleSlog | Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Completely correct. No change in electricity usage combined with all sorts of hastles combined with the fact this isn't the government's role anyway --- just sickening.


Not a surprise (certainly not after the Shiavo and Horse Meat debacles), but just one last reason to despise. (I'm surprised I find the time to pen that quite delightful rhyme!)

Posted by: Dan tdaxp | Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hmm, this your way of saying you don't like shorting yourself on sleep every spring :^)

Posted by: Michael | Thursday, April 05, 2007

I still have an application (Thank you f*cking IBM) that doesn't work. I think IBM is hoping congress will revert to the old DST and their app will work again.

Posted by: PurpleSlog | Thursday, April 05, 2007


I strongly object to this authoritarian high modernist nonsense that there should be two shifting counterfeit equinoxes. Blast the connection between rhythm of the seasons and the human body! An morally bankrupt Congress repeated a stupid play from an intellectually bankrupt movement in a failed attempt too look like it was doing something on energy.

While tactically outflanked by the Clinton's, Gingrich intelligence and honesty were sorely missed after he left the Speakership in 1999. Judging by what passes for Democratic leadership [1], we're not going to do any better anytime soon.


Maybe we can just get rid of the whole thing. DST is collapsing around the world! [2]

[1] http://haftofthespear.typepad.com/haft_of_the_spear/2007/04/the_first_rule_.html
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:DaylightSaving-World-Subdivisions.png

Posted by: Dan tdaxp | Thursday, April 05, 2007

Yeah, and I was being a wiseass.

Posted by: Michael | Saturday, April 07, 2007