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Thursday, September 21, 20061158899987

Vote tdaxp. Again.

I've nominated myself for re-election as President of Husker Hall. The Treasurer is running for re-election as well, and a good friend of mine is going for VP. Last year I campaigned, and ran, on promises of corruption, incompetence, and scandal. This year I pledged to hold government meetings in bars whenever possible. Good luck to me!

Hopefully, if I do win, I won't end up like Ferenc Gyurcsany, or Thaskin Shinawatra!

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From the short TV ad

"Oh hello, I didn't see you enter. I am Thomas P.M. Barrnet. Usually I am working on grand plans to save the world but today I want to talk to you today on a more serious issue. I and other members of Project for a New Husker Hall Century oppose the TDAXP reigme of corruption, violence, and vice. I could go on, but I think my good friend can sum it up better."

Camera turns

"Hola, soy un campisno pobre y yo no conozco mucho; pero, yo conozco que TDAXP es muy mal para Husker Hall. No me gusta Dan. No vota por Dan, por favor. Para los ninos."

Posted by: You know who | Friday, September 22, 2006

first of all, that comment from you know who is genius.

second, is there any way you can get my name on the books so i can vote for you? ;-)

Posted by: Sean | Friday, September 22, 2006

also, of course, this post is crying out for all of the requisite Napoleon Dynamite jokes:

Vote for Dan

Dan lacks political experience

Posted by: Sean | Friday, September 22, 2006

Sean -- agreed! :-) But it's frustrating. The last time that American academics and latin peasants teamed up, it was to stymie the United States at the United Nations. [1]. Now we see the same combination interfering with the rightful reelection of the President of Husker Hall. When will this end???

I think an appropriate campaign slogan is: "tdaxp. again."

Posted by: Dan tdaxp | Friday, September 22, 2006