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Tuesday, August 29, 20061156890651

An Almost Perfect Letter to the Editor

"Time to Leave Iraq," by Ed Schmersal, Lincoln Journal Star, 29 August 2006, 5B.

Unlike T.M. Lutas I don't normally blog letters, but a recent one was so very close to perfect that it demands tdaxp attention.

Iraq is broken.

Sure is. The Baath Party did tremendous damage in Mesopotamia, destroying what little middle class it inherited.

and even after billions of dollars and thousands of lives lost, the United States can't put Iraq back together again.

True. America is not an Empire, and unlike Britain, Rome, and others before us, we do not export a maximal ruleset. Instead, we enable networks of connectivity. We have neither the taste nor will to forcefully remake others.

The U.S. needs to exit Iraq.

Yep. We can win militarily without being there in large numbers.

in order to focus on other problems: Iran

Iran has us by the neck as long as we are in Iraq. A great reason to leave.

North Korea

Kill Kim. A much more pressing issue than whatever we think we are doing.


Preventing the rise of another Eurasian land power -- that means encouraging devolution in Russia -- is a great idea. Leaving Iraq would free our attention to this important work.


China is critical to globalization -- she can enable it through a "Revese Domino Theory" of multinational capitalism, she can wreck it by invading Taiwan, she can secure globalization through military cooperation.


Don't forget more mundane goals, like boxing in France.

Iraq needs to be divided into three regions: the north Kurdistan, a pro-West place for some U.S. forces to remain close; the south Shiite-controlled pro-Iranian region; and the Sunni middle area.

Like former Iraqi Governing Council President Hakim and United States Senator Biden, I agree.

The US. needs to regain our European allies and stature as the world's superpower.


Europe doesn't matter that much. Those whites over the ocean are doing what they can -- Britain is in Iraq, Spain is in Afghanistan, Italy, France, and Turkey will be in Lebanon. These contributions are important, but Europe represents the past, not the future.

We need decisive leadership now!

As long as it doesn't decisively try to lose.

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