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Saturday, August 26, 20061156626600


Lady of tdaxp's Toyota was ransacked last night, presumably by a hobo or student in search of cash. None was in it, so nothing was stolen, but this crime is still disappointing. I would like to think that the University of Nebraska - Lincoln is a safe school.

The gas door was open. This is only unlockable through a bizarrely placed lever near the driver's door. The guess is that the vandal was trying to open the trunk to see what is in there, and accidentally popped the gas. (The car's hood was open, presumably for the same reason.)

A little plastic door that swung open was torn off.

The burglar, apparently frustrated, knocked out the rear-view mirror

After eight requests (that was a fun conversation!), the CYA Resident Management finally gave us the form to fill out, documenting that this happened at her dorm. We called campus security, and a competent officer arrived and made a report.

In spite of last year's hate speech, I generally enjoyed graduate housing last year which is why I returned. Now, between menial theft and this, that is no longer true.

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Ah, college.... the indignity of somebody breaking in to your car, the embarrassment that you don't have jack worth stealing. Not even the car.

Posted by: mark safranski | Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lady of tdaxp got a BIG kick out of your comment, Mark. She's still laughing. Good show!

Posted by: Dan tdaxp | Saturday, August 26, 2006


I have not seen the rest of Lady of tdaxp's ride, but it seems like it would be a good candidate for MTV's Pimp My Ride. Especially if you submit your application with some sob story about how the car got ransaked. The fact that she is a Chinese student might help too.

Posted by: Sonny | Saturday, August 26, 2006

Gracias Dan.

Except for the Ivy leaguers most college students are lucky if their car even runs. To quote a friend of mine, after a similar experience to that of Lady of tdaxp's:

" Dude...no one is going to steal an 8- track....."

Posted by: mark safranski | Sunday, August 27, 2006

One of my UW-Madison buddies had his car stolen.

Well, the car was his Mom's. She worked as a VP for the UW system (or dean or something high up, I no longer recall). So, it was the weekend before Easter break (I think).

He borrowed her car and drove it to the dorms.

He took some stuff (including his dirty laundry in 2 laundry baskets) and loaded it into the car.

Then he came back to the dorm to watch whatever we were watching on TV and take a duffle bag.

He then left.

About 20 minutes later he was back. The car had been stolen.

He was carrying his laundry baskets. They stole his car, but left his dirty laundry behind in the parking space.

Most of us were too busy LOL to provide condolences on the car.

Posted by: purpleslog | Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sonny - Lady of tdaxp rolls her eyes at the suggestion :-)

Mark - lol! The officer noted that the stereo wasn't taken. As it is a cassette system that doesn't work, the thief wouldn't have wanted it :-)

Purpleslog - hehe. Did that get his mother to push for security cameras in parking lots?

Posted by: Dan tdaxp | Sunday, August 27, 2006

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