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Tuesday, July 25, 20061153876800

Stephen F. Austin State University

I am currently in Texas visiting my close friend Rob (he of Trumpy Productions). Rob left our common home of South Dakota to move to Nacogdoches some time ago to prepare for a career in film. Now a graduate assistant at Stephen F. Austin State University, Rob has made everyone proud with his original, technically demanding, and often hilarious work.

In the middle of the University is a giant statue of Stephen Austin, the "Father of Texas" and the Republic's first Secretary of State.

Interestingly, two nearby plaques appear to have been written by a tumultuous committee. Both are polite towards Secretary Austin, though the first refers to him as the one person whose vision and leadership led to [the Republic's] creation and the other uses a somewhat more Leftist formulation

But whatever one thinks of the past, the present of the campus is beautiful. Read more, and see for yourself!

Like IPFW, which I saw while visiting my other friend Dave in Fort Wayne, SFASU has the mandatory anonymous pseudo-pagoda.

Samuel F. Austin also has something much more beautiful: a series of walking paths with a variety of flora known as the Arboretum.

The greenway begins, gorgeously, immediately behind the Film Department where my friend studies

Walking back to the main campus, the mandatory tall scary building (seen even at Peking University

A last reminder of Beijing: construction! SFASU's new student union promises to be snazzy. For now, it's only a headache.

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SAMUEL F. Austin? Take a closer look at that picture of the plaque. Even a short-time Texan like me knows that STEPHEN F. Austin was one of the fathers of the Republic.

If Texas was an Islamic republic, you'd be the subject of a jackalope-sized fatwa, Bubba!

Posted by: Mike | Monday, September 18, 2006

Er... who said Samuel F. Austin? I have never engaged in the word Stephen when referring to that man, Samuel Austin.


Reminds me of Tom Barnett's greatest line, ever:

"But neither do I indulge in Taipei’s infantile fantasies about true independence, which to me make about as much sense as Texas’ historical myths."




Posted by: Dan tdaxp | Monday, September 18, 2006

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Well, you are surely right about one thing: the scenery that this university has, it's kind of tough to see somewhere else. Congratulations to the staff that has decided to keep so much green around the university. This is another step into making youngsters understand the importance of a eco-friendly approach.

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