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Wednesday, February 22, 20061140631800

Anti-Semitic Cartoons (Jewish Racist Cartoon Contest)

tdaxp needs equal time. I've mocked Muslims, Catholics, and Protestants. But no Jewish humor.

The Iranians have called on this to end. They're right:

Probability of mass-Jewish riots over these cartoons: about zero.
Probability over Jewish death threats over these cartoons: ditto.

Cartoons courtesy of the Israely Anti-Semitic Cartoons Contest, hat tip JewSchool viaWeird Jews.


May I suggest a nice Windows server running an industrial strength blog software like .TEXT or Community Server?

Posted by: Brendan | Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Brendan of I Hate Linux, [1]

For context, your comment is in response to a message I sent you, indicating that on top of everything else [2], now I'm having problems commenting on my own blog.

Curzon of Coming Anarchy [3] similarly suggested wordpress.

My patience is wearing thin.

Yet, as when a member of the Black Gangasta Disciple Nation Crack Cocaine gang was offended by something I wrote [4], I will not riot, nor burn down a KFC, in exasperation. More than could be said for some people. [5]

[1] http://www.brendansstudentloans.com/
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[5] http://junkpolitics.blogspirit.com/archive/2006/02/08/us-and-iran-winners-of-cartoon-conundrum.html

Posted by: Dan tdaxp | Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I was reading the current issue of Esquire this weekend, mainly because I wanted to read Colby Buzzel's and Dr. Barnett's articles (whic by the way I highly recommend reading) when I stumbled upon a comic strip, in the last page featuring Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, in caricature form. The title of the little "funny" feature was something like "Jesus's Bar Mitzvah" (I don't have the mag with me right now). I was outraged! How dare Esquire (a fashion magazine that features scantily clad models and Hollywood actresses, and provides "sex advice" to its readers) desecrates the image of Our Lord J.C.! I was pissed. I figured that going outside my apartment and burning a few cars was a sensible course of action justified by Esquire's sacrilegious act. But when I got to the parking lot, I realized I was hungry, so I decided to jump in my truck and drove to Taco Bell instead. But, I have it on my to do list to do something (maybe not as drastic as burning my neighbor's Jetta) about Esquire, which I think has some connection with the U.K., and maybe the Chinese judging by Dr Barnnet's "The Chinese Are Our Friends" musings. I wonder, what are the 5GW implications of all this? Keep up the good work, and take care,


Posted by: Sonny | Wednesday, February 22, 2006


While I also bought the Barnett article, Esquire in generally is a cruel, cruel farce. It pretends to be a men's magazine. It even occasionally features an attractive girl on the cover. [1]

But Esquire isn't a men's magazine... IT'S A FASHION MAGAZINE

Approximately 97% of the magazine is a clothing ad or other fashion-related information. Lady of tdaxp was endlessly fascinating by the issue of Esquire. tdaxp himself - much less so.

And as for "but it has a lady" as proof of it's being a men's magazine -- COSMO ALSO HAS WOMEN ON ITS COVER

Esquire is the "Coyote Ugly" of magazine's -- a chick flick in disguise.

Every time I glance at an Esquire issue, I'm reminded of the scene in Fight Club [3] where the character sees the men's fashion ad, and sarcastically asks "is that what a man looks like"?

Our student newspaper won't print the cartoons, because a depiction of a Muslim prophet may be offensive to some, but recently printed a satirical cartoon of Noah (also a Muslim prophet), because --???

I think it was Kissinger who compared the Cold War to two blind men in a knife fight, each terrified of the other, who he assumed could see perfectly.

Most competition is similarly fought in shadows. The shadows of ignorance and idiocy. Ignorance and idiocy on the level of Esquire editors.


Interesting 5GW point. Sorry I was so distracted by my antiesquire extremism. :-)

[1] http://www.esquire.com/covergallery/
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[3] http://www.greencine.com/webCatalog?id=9300

Posted by: Dan tdaxp | Wednesday, February 22, 2006