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Wednesday, October 19, 20051129751700


[Welcome ZenPundit readers. A post with charts derived from these notes is also available. Likewise, the original walk without rhythm post. -- tdaxp]

[today was the best day of this class yet. A recent Iraq War vet is now auditing the class. He and I spent a fair amount of time developing a Marxist-Gramscist Theory of Theological Hegemonic Stability, much to the delight of Prof and the bemuzement of most of our fellow students. I will try to turn that into a blog post -- tdaxp]

Socialist and Marxist Approaches to International Relations
circi et panem
Marxist stability theory? Marxist Commercial Pacifism?
(EU/G7 as example of Marxist anti-Leninist "Ultraimperialism" ?)
Schumpater / Marxist uneven growth
what is the cure for "opium addiction"?
why not an "opium for the burgeious"?

Marxist Methods
private property establishes a state system -- but what about midaeval Iceland?
"emancipation" -- states exist because we say they do - Marx as constructivist?
Marx as anti-economic-reductionist?
dialecticalism as anti object-subject: anti-science? observer as warrior?
Marxist Theological Stability? "religion isn't the opium of the masses -- it is the masses"
- diversion of the diolectic to immaterial
- Lenin: state is the executive committee of the bougeouis -- so Marxist Theocratic Stability?
-- ... unless the cause is endemic, not agreed, by the rich
-- applying Gramsci... Marxist Theological Hegemonic Stability?
-- Marxist Structural Theories of the State)
--- gives the state partial autonomy; for example, Steel Capitalist v. Auto Capitalists
--- "capitalist strikes" like during 1970s?
--- or even Randist/Objectivist strike?

Marxist-Leninist Theory of War
- (Lenin's theory of Imperialism "essentially borrowed from British liberal JA Hobbson")
- raw materials
- underconsumption / overproduction
- external markets

Marxist-Gramscian Theory of Hegemony
- (Gramsci wrote while in prison in Fascist Italy)
- the idea that an elite can exert power only if it exerts cultural power over social classes
- hegemony as soft power?
- so global hegemony isn't nation based
- an interpretive theory, not prescriptive (?)
- focuses on temporary hegemon -- "historic blocs" (financiers are not industrialists, etc)
- Gramscian Communist strategy community-oriented?
- how would gramsci view a "better" religion as cure / partial cure?

Burkey: "International Relations" problematizes Marxism
- (disagrees with Wallerstein)
- "can't square any units (communes, states, etc) with stateless society"
- so accepting nations implies accepting multi-unit horizontal diversity -- so same thing as "states"?
- Marx /assumes/ state-capitalism interreliance, without backing it up
- capitalism could survive in stateless world
- does "stateless society" mean no external compelling unit or no "hegemonic" regime?
- "stateless society in one state"?
- so "voluntary societies" are conflicting states?
- tribal "early communism" as "stateful statelessness"?
- similarity between church "individual poverty" v. "collective property" monastary debates

- capitalism is selling for external markets: "means of production" really doens't matter too much
- so any form of specialization / division of labor is a form of capitalism?
- any sort of society can be externally capitalist
- similar to Maoist/Chinese Communist criticisms of USSR trade with the west
- Wallerstein's Core / Semi-Peripherary / Peripherary similar to Barnett's Core / Seam / Gap?


So without some kind of commentary to link it all together, your "here are my random notes which make sense to me because I wrote them" posts are getting a little... Hm... Reader neglecting? I'm sure the increase in vocabulary is great for Google rank, but I'm finding myself checking in less and less frequently.

Posted by: aaron | Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Neglectful indeed. I wrote up a somewhat discombobulated post, basically a portion of what we discussed in class with tdaxp's most popular feature: graphs! (http://tdaxp.blogspirit.com/archive/2005/10/19/marxist-theological-stability-theory.html)

The quality of posts here have definitely gone down -- partially because of the absense of guest blogger Aaron. ;) Surely you could delight us with some Democrat denunciations again :)

Posted by: Dan tdaxp | Wednesday, October 19, 2005