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Wednesday, September 28, 20051127915285

What I Love Best About My Program At UNL

Moving to Lincoln was one of the best decisions of my life. Husker Hall is amazing and well run by the RA; my friends are amazing; my life is amazing. But what about the political science program itself? What is the best part of PoliSci@UNL?


I loved teaching computer-y classes before with my MA in CS, but teaching political science is a blast. Students are very involved, there are many opportunities for discussion, and I can apply things I learned from the blogosphere into the classroom. The ideas of Barnett, Boyd, Robb, and Safranski, in particular, have made great discussion fodder.

Again and again in recitations, the question of Why are we in Iraq? has come up. Without giving a definitive answer, I can summarize the Scythian/Flypaper Theory and relate it to concepts we have gone over. Additionally, some students are 9/11 conspiracy theorists. While expressing my doubts about that hypothesis, I can answer their comments with an introduction to 5GW and the meanings of "power."

Plus, I love helping people learn. The professor I am working under has been very helpful to me, giving me direction and the freedom to teach to every recitation's individual interests and capabilities.

Woot teaching!

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" The ideas of Barnett, Boyd, Robb, and Safranski, in particular"

Ah, I am the Ringo of the group I see ;o)

Much thanks though for the compliment Dan !

Posted by: mark safranski | Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Ah, I am the Ringo of the group I see ;o)"

LOL, it's called alphabetization

I was going to give mad props to Mr. Zyxwvuts, but I ran out of room ;)

Many, many thanks for your insight, wisdom, and help, Mark! :)

Posted by: Dan tdaxp | Wednesday, September 28, 2005