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Wednesday, June 15, 20051118859000

Conservatives for Medical Marijuana

"Medical Marijuana This AM," by Rich Brookhiser, The Corner, 15 June 2005, http://corner.nationalreview.com/05_06_12_corner-archive.asp#066200.

From the conservative Catholic "hippies" at National Review

Anyone who wants to support the Hinchey- Rohrabacher bill allowing states to permit medical use of marijuana should call his congressman (see below).

Chemotherapy, which I had in 1992, wasn't all bad. I looked very cool bald; it gave a nice grey perm when my hair came back (why couldn't it bring more hair back? can't they cut it with menoxydil?); and it did stop my unpleasant visitor.

But the nausea was not cool, and only the illegal drug worked once the legal ones had failed

John Walters says there is no medical evidence for marijuana's effects. He is a liar or an ignoramus, probably both.


People are starting to put pressure on politicians in order to legalize marijuana and some politicians want a stronger regulation. Well, then I guess that the people currently leading the state don't want to get re-elected. But I tell you one sure thing: in a few years, we will have a smoke shop every block just like in Holland.

Posted by: smoke shop | Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Marijuana should have been legalized a long time ago and not just because people want that, but because it is not cost effective to fight against it. I don't know what politicians intend to do about it, but they will surely have to legalize sooner or later.

Posted by: legal buds | Wednesday, June 15, 2011