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Friday, March 25, 20051111786500

Syria Even Stupider than Thought

"Leb Land bis: It Appears Syria is stupider than I thought.," by Collounsbury, Lounsbury on MENA, 25 March 2005, http://www.livejournal.com/users/collounsbury/302946.html.

Col quotes from news that the United Nations uncovered Baby Assad physically threatening ex-PM Harari directly before Harari's assassination

Bashar Assad, the Syrian president, had threatened Rafik Hariri, the assassinated former Lebanese prime minister, “with physical harm” if he opposed the extension of the Lebanese presidency of Emil Lahoud, a UN inquiry said on Thursday.

The inquiry also said the Syrian government bore “primary responsibility” for the political tension that preceded the February 14 killing
, although it did not say who was actually responsible for the attack.

Collounbury was a doubter of the Syrian angle before, and said "there is no key state interest for the US to destabilize Syria," so his change of heart is all the better to read

While one would be well served in maintaining a degree of skepticism, I have to say this information causes me to favor the "idiot self inflicted wounds" path to Syria.


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