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Saturday, February 12, 20051108195800

Comrade Cobuyitaphobe

"Fortune and Fun," by Stuart Berman, My Kids' Dad, http://bermans.blogs.com/opinion/2005/02/fortune_and_fun.html, 3 February 2005.

"Happiness," by Stuart Berman, My Kids' Dad, http://bermans.blogs.com/opinion/2005/02/happiness.html, 10 February 2005.

Stuart over at My Kids' Dad proves himself a fellow cobuyitaphobist, at least when it comes to HP

Great article on HP and Carly Fiorina - they don't cut her any slack and they shouldn't. Basically they demonstrate that the HP Compaq merger has been a complete failure and that the shareholders have suffered at the expense of management. The reaction at the top has been to pass the buck, not take responsibility and make excuses (as well as some requisite sacrificial lambs). How many companies are being led by people who really don't know how to lead?

His reaction to Fiorina's dismissal is exactly what it should be: self-effacing and insightful

Ooops - I guess my earlier blog about HP was a little premature. Lack of accountability finally caught up with Carly Fiorina.

What my friend Brendan calls "cobuyitaphobia" -- fear of merging for the sake of merging -- is a practical ideology, at least in the I.T. industry. Hopefully Fiorina's reign will be its last gasp at HP.


No, I said it was synergy that is feared, not merging for the sake of merging.

Come on dude, in a war for top position for the search term you can't even get its meaning right? Pathetic... and that is why I will win this holy war, for I have the mandate of heaven.

BTW: This post has been made on day 4... and I'm still #1, 10 to go!

Posted by: cobuyitaphobia | Sunday, February 13, 2005