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Tuesday, January 18, 20051106110500

Peacefully Rising

"Archbishop Freed in Iraq, but 8 Chinese Are Captives," by Jeffry Gettleman and Edward Wong, New York Times, http://www.nytimes.com/2005/01/19/international/middleeast/19iraq.html, 19 January 2005.

Given that

1. Most Middle East Oil goes to the Far East, including China
2. China needs more and more oil every year
3. China is stronger every year
4. China has a long and proud history of killing Muslims

One might think that Muslims might take special care to avoid making waves with the Chinese.

You'd be wrong

BAGHDAD, Jan. 18 - Insurgents on Tuesday released a Syrian Catholic archbishop they had snatched from the streets of Mosul the day before, but a few hours later a new hostage drama opened when eight Chinese construction workers were shown forlornly staring at a video camera with masked men pointing guns at their heads.


The eight Chinese workers are still missing, and the only clue to their whereabouts is a hazy video shot in front of a brick wall and broadcast Tuesday on several Arab television channels. The insurgents said in a statement that the Chinese men were working for the American military and demanded that the Chinese government, which has stayed relatively quiet on the issue of Iraq, declare its opinion of the occupation.

The Ba'athi strategy is clear:
Remove Sunnis from the transitional government, get multinational forces out of Iraq, kill off the Shia leadership, kill off the Salafist leadership, and seize the country.

The Salafist strategy is clear:
Remove Sunnis from the transitional government, get multinational forces out of Iraq, kill of the Shia leadership, kill off the Ba'athi leadership, and seize the country

Both groups have been pretty successful at the first step, and are trying their luck at the second.

The luck that the terrorists in Iraq have had in removing Turkish, Jordanian, and Filipino nationals have been disturbing. But China is made of stronger stuff. China did not flinch when neoTaliban captured their nationals in Afghanistan.

Reality determines our policies. To win and spread freedom and peace, the civilized world must stand united against the terrorists. The Chinese are with us.

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Terrorists - you mean the Islamic "Mafia" - a bunch of wasted little "dons" and their turf battles. I am so angry at this - it's keeping the world from the "world" problems. Glad to see the Archbishop release - maybe they appreciate the strength of the "other" religion more than the strength of China and the U.S.

Posted by: chrys | Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Welcome back!

It is something how insurgents and organized crime act so much alike. My guess is that the kidnapping was either buy goons or Ba'athis (as I think the Salafis would just kill him) -- but who knows?

Posted by: Dan | Wednesday, January 19, 2005